The company has been established in October 1999 with the trade name ABP Makina, Akskom Makina . The firm had started business in İzmir, within a store that has an area of 350 square meters, and had entered the industry by producing the grain conveyor equipment with the second hand devices that had been purchased from İzmir Külçe Makina.

Benefiting from the broad experience acquired by two craftsmen that had previously worked in a company, which conducted contract manufacturing, soon after the beginning of the production processes, the number of works that were commissioned to the company had increased.

The increase in the level of business, had entailed the purchase of a second store in 2001 and together with the store, we had acquired press brake, guillotine and plasma machinery to include them in our production field.

In 2003, which is also another date for a new beginning, the company’s name had gained more popularity as ABP Makine and in 2005 as the company further expanded, it had started to conduct business in a factory that is 1200 square meters located in Çiğli.

As the years had passed, the company has increased its capacity and the number of equipment it has and in 2007, it continued its business in Akhisar Organized Industrial Site followed by its breaking the sales records. In 2012, a new building had been constructed; and the company had further expanded its fields of activity with its craftsmen staff, new equipment and new employees. In accordance with the decisions that have been made, in 2014 ABP Makina started to carry out business with its new name, as ABP TDS Taşıma Depolama Sistemleri. ABP TDS entered the energy sector in 2016 We are successfully producing steel, stainless steel and aluminum products for all internal and external components of the wind turbines of the main companies operating in many fields around the world and leading the energy sector.Wind Tower internal parts manufacturing and resources; EN 1090-1, EN 1090-2, ISO3834-2 Quality certificates.

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